chapeau polka dot cap

We just can't deny it, Chapeau have got style. Look at this Chapeau! Pink/Navy Polka Dot Cap, for instance. Isn't it lovely? We're also big fans of the yellow and blue version (and black on black. Always black on black).

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But perhaps the coolest thing about these caps is that they are made from polyester rather than the usual cotton, meaning they are cooler and quicker-drying. Chapeau also argue they are more comfortable under a helmet too.

cinelli eye of the storm cycling cap

Cinelli are great when it comes to weird and wonderful caps. We've chosen the particularly bonkers Cinelli Eye of the Storm Cap, which features the psychedelic illustrations of Jersey City artist, Ana Benaroya.

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Be sure to check out the full Cinelli range that expertly straddles the sublime and ridiculous.

daily goods cycling cap

If you're not a Londoner, you might not be aware of how delicious a Daily Goods coffee is. Here at TWC we can confirm with journalistic integrity that it is yummy and we'd recommend a flat white.

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And that's why we'd also recommend this truly beautiful (and suprisingly tasteful) Kinoko Cycles x Daily Goods Cycling Cap. It may or may not also come in decaf.

swift industries cycle cap

If you've been paying close attention, you'll know that looking like a cycle tourist is actually cool now.

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And that's why we are big fans of this outdoor-inspired Swift Industries Scout Cap, featuring illustrations of campfires and Stanley flasks. Nice.

piegata cycling cap leopard print sweden etsy

This awesome Piegata Cycling Cap is one of a kind, as it's sold through Etsy.

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However, it's worth bookmarking the page even if you don't manage to bag the last hat – Piegata makes new and unique cotton caps on a regular basis. Great for those of you that don't want to follow trends!

look mum no hand black on black

LMNH have long been creating super-cool cycle wear, and this Look Mum No Hands Mechanics Greaseproof Cycling Cap is no exception. Apparently it's black on black so the grease on your hands after you've engaged in some bike maintenance doesn't tarnish your vibes. We love it.

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Of course, getting a cap from your local bike shop is also a very cool headwear option.

thermal storm cap

This Vulpine Thermal Storm Cap is definitely on the pricey-er end of the cycling cap spectrum, but we'd argue that there's a good reason for that fact.

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If you're the kind that gets cold ears, you may already have a winter cycling hat. But this Vulpine option is seemingly unique in the fact it retains it's cap-like nature whilst being waterproof and snug. It has a thermal fleece lining, and ear flaps that can be folded up under most helmets.


Saddle makers San Marco have created this gorgeous Selle San Marco Roam Cap for the fashionistas amoung you.

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It's like if Urban Outfitters did cycle wear. Wait – that would be awesome. Can we pitch that idea to someone?

l'eroica le coq de sportif

L'Eroica is somewhat of a spiritual home for cyclists who love everything looking old school. So inspired were Le Coq Sportif by the vibe of the event that they created these Le Coq Sportif L'Eroica Caps cotton caps, available in three different colours.

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And if you missed our coverage of the 2014 L'Eroica ride, then get on over to this link now!

cafe du cyclist cotton cap

Trust the French to find a way to make the cycling cap truly understated.

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World's chicest cycle brand, Café Du Cycliste, are here to inject a sense of class using only polka dots and an unflappable manner. Yum. Get the Café Du Cycliste Cotton Women's Cycling Cap from Velo Vixen.

london courier emergency fund

In this spot we wanted to recommend a charity cap and we've gone for the London Courier Emergency Fund. By buying this you'll be contributing to a pot that provides bicycle couriers with a safety net in case of injury on the road.

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Most couriers are self-employed, meaning that they don't get sick pay when injured. Show your stripes with a LCEF hat!

rapha cap

Sleek and to the point, the Rapha Cap is a classic. Made of water-resistant technical cotton, if you're a bit of a Rapha fetishist that this cap is a must-have addition to your bike wardrobe.

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Sure it might be a little bit on the steep side financially, but no other pink hue will match the rest of your gear so beautifully, right?