Autumn is here and with it comes unpredictable weather that means the shedding and application of multiple layers in equal measures. This is the time of year when you need things you can whip off mid-ride if you get too hot or pull on when you underestimated the cooler temperatures.

5 Top Arm Warmers for Autumn Cycling

We've curated an edit of the ever-handy invention, the leg warmer for your unpredictable Autumn rides. These will also see you right through the Winter when you really need to double up.

Keep those legs warm and pedalling!

chapeau knee warmers

Chapeau Ladies Knee Warmers - £24.99

These knee warmers from Chapeau have been designed with the woman in mind and are lightweight enough to stuff in your pocket if you get too toasty.


DHB Regulate Knee Warmers - £18

DHB do a great pair of knee warmers that won't break the bank. The thermal lining will keep the chill off your knees during these changeable months.


Gore Universal Thermal Leg Warmers - £35.99

Gore have a great pair of longer legged warmers so that knees and calves remain well-insulated and warm as we get nearer to Winter.

cafe du cycliste

Cafe Du Cycliste Lou Lou Rain Leg - £49.00

This pair are for those looking for more of an investment and protection from the rain. Cafe Du Cycliste's unisex warmers are durable, warm and will keep your pins dry if you get caught in a shower.

gore 2

Gore Bike Wear Visible Thermo Warmers - £40.49

It's not a bad idea as the Summer light wanes and daylight savings kick in to wear something that is a little more visible to other road users. These high vis legs from Gore will keep you warm and safe.

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