Spring is a funny season for cyclists - temperatures are warming up, but the mornings are still cold and sometimes you want that little bit of extra protection to keep the pinching frost away from your fingers.

That's where light full finger gloves come in. Often worn my mountain bikers, who just don't DO mitts a lot of the time, light full finger gloves give you that little bit of extra protection without causing you to overheat as the ride goes on.

There are plenty of pairs available - but as always, we've got our favourites...

Cube Natural Fit Women's Sun Long Finger WLS Gloves


We were first introduced to these towards the end of last year, at the Eurobike trade show, and we were pretty impressed. Targeted at mountain bikers, they'd work perfectly well for roadies or commuters wanting to keep the early chill out too.

The cleverest feature here is the 'Sun Material' on the back of the glove - it still lets UV rays through, so you won't be left with tell-tale glove tan lines if you continue to wear these into summer. They're also well ventilated, to prevent overheating, and have carefully position gel padding to reduce pressure on the nerves and therefore numbness and pain.

You can see them here, for £35.99.

Specialized Women's Grail Long Finger


Specialized are big into their Body Geometry FIT items - these are the pieces of kit which form the link between the rider and the bike - they can be helmets, shoes, saddles - and gloves.

These gloves were developed using a system created by their expert, Dr. Kyle Bickel M.D. They're ergonomically designed to provide the best possible protection against numbness and nerve damage. Not only that, they're stretchy, with a durable mesh on the top, that's breathable so you won't get too hot if it gets warmer. On top of all that, 'WireTap' tech means you can operate a smart phone without whipping them off.

See them here for £35.

Ale Fleece Undergloves


So, apparently these are 'under' gloves? Our bad, because we've been wearing them as 'over' gloves for a little while now!

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Super soft and lightly lined, these gloves from Ale are superb. They provide enough warmth to keep your fingers toasty in sub 10 degree conditions, but they're breathable so that it would take quite some heat to make them suffocating. The fabric is flexible, too - so they never get in the way, and the non-slip design means you've got plenty of grip (and it looks cool).

Add in the fact that you can wear them as intended - under your primary gloves - when winter comes back around, and you've got yourself a deal!

See them here for £30.

Giro Tessa LF Women's Road Cycling Gloves


These gloves have a light, breathable upper fabric, with suede at the palms for warmth and protection. The fabric features 4-way stretch, to ensure these snap to fit your hands just right, and have a sweat wipe plus a velcro fastener to ensure they stay put.

Check them out here for £26.99.

Castelli Lightness Gloves


Lightness by name, lightness by nature. These gloves were first developed for the Garmin Sharp pro team - to help them out in cool to mid conditions. The back of the glove features Castelli's cosy Thermoflex fabric - a stretchy fabric that's warm whilst still being breathable.

The palm uses the brand's own 'Clarino palm', that's both durable and doesn't interfere with your connection to the handlebars. These are ideal for conditions around 9 - 16 degrees c, so standard British spring and autumn time.

Check them out for £30 here.

Dressing for cycling in spring and autumn can be quite tough - but brands know that, so they've created tons of great options to keep us comfy in those shoulder seasons. Check out some of our favourite pieces of kit for the new season here.