10 Best Winter Jerseys

Cobbling together something winter-worthy by just adding a base layer to your summer wardrobe can get you through a freak winter vortex with surprisingly integrity. But if you're doing some serious miles throughout the colder months, a winter jersey will keep you even more snug and is certainly a worthy investment.

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Winter jerseys come in all shapes, sizes, prices and materials. They're also sometimes labeled as jackets on websites, which can be confusing. We've trawled through the best of what's on offer to give you a range of jerseys ripe for winter pickings. We hope they enable you to stay goose-bump free.

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Pactimo Women's Ascent Long Sleeved Road Cycling Jersey

Sometimes the stars just align perfectly. A few months ago we reviewed the Pactimo Women's Ascent Long Sleeved Road Cycling Jersey, giving it fantastic feedback. We were particularly impressed with the amount of storage space it provided, the unusually large range of sizes on offer by Pactimo, and the fabric's ability to deal with our undulating temperature throughout a hilly ride.

Read our full review of the Pactimo Women's Ascent Long Sleeved Road Cycling Jersey here

Our only complaint? Well, at the time the only model on offer was a bit lurid. Now, thankfully, the Pactimo team have created a slightly more demure alternative for those of us that prefer darker stylings. Hurrah!

dhb Women's Blok Winter Dasher Long Sleeve Jersey

The dhb Women's Blok Winter Dasher Long Sleeve Jersey continues the company's trademark obsession with affordability and, of course, polka dots. When we reviewed the short sleeved summer version of this jersey, we found it to be true to size and an excellent performer in a variety of weather conditions.

The winter option has the same basic shape and raglan sleeves, but this time seeks to provide warmth via fleece polyester. The amount of storage space that we love in its summer sibling also returns for the long-sleeved model.


Another jersey that's definitely best for layering, this Adidas Women's Response Long Sleeve Jersey is designed to be breathable and keep you cool.

I know that's not what you think want in the deep mid-winter, but anyone who has had the experience of riding in multiple, non-breathable layers will know how easily that snuggly feeling at the start of a ride can turn into a sweaty prison. For anyone who wants to build up a wardrobe of easy layers, this Adidas number is a good value place to start.

Sportful Women's Allure Thermal Jersey

By goodness do we love the presence of the word 'thermal' in any product description. Let's face it: sometimes you want arctic-tundra levels of protection against the elements, even if it's only Ealing that you're traversing.

This Sportful Cycling Allure Thermal Jersey certainly sits at an attractive price point considering its 'thickly brushed fleece' designed to maintain your core temperature, along with its superior breathability credentials. Another one that will excel in the layering game. And we love the little Paul Smith-esque rainbow stripes too.


Even though we reviewed the Rapha Souplesse Long Sleeve Jersey at the height of an Indian-summer-style October, we still knew exactly how perfect it would be for a colder time. Winter is coming. And with our Souplesse, we will be fully prepared.

It pains us to say that the Rapha Souplesse is pricey for a reason. And that reason it that it's awesome. In our recent review of the jersey, we described the innards as so soft that wearing it was like cycling inside'a friendly hug'.

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Primal europe

The Primal Release Long Sleeved Heavyweight Jersey left a lasting impression on our reviewer who found it perfect for those chilly mornings where you'd much rather just stay in bed.

We particularly loved how Primal were awfully modest about the whole thing – we found the Release to be pretty wind and water resistant, despite Primal making no such claims. It's also at a reasonable price-point for winter garb. What's not to like?


The Altura Women's Team Long Sleeve Jersey doesn't pull any punches: it's here to keep you warm on the bike for a reasonable price. It's positively cuddly on the inside, providing comfort and warmth during the darker days still to come.

It also fits true to size, and we love the fact that Altura list their products in women's clothing sizes to save us the kerfuffle of consulting a sizing chart that we don't understand. It perhaps looks a touch mountain-bike-esque which won't please roadie purists, but if you need a warming, long-sleeved jersey at a decent price, you can't go far wrong with this Altura number.

Vulpine Long Sleeve Merino Alpine Jersey

If you've never tried a merino jersey, that's clearly because you've never seen how awesome a merino sheep looks. Totally majestic.

And in addition to making us laugh, these animals produce the most deliciously soft and mercifully odour-denying wool you can buy. This Vulpine Long Sleeve Merino Alpine Jersey should not only keep you cosy, but save a couple of washing-machine loads. And unlike most of the jerseys on this list, it's got a more relaxed fit.

If you can stretch to the slightly higher price-tag, it's definitely worth the investment. But do also factor in that although the merino is warm, it will need to be one of a few layers in deepest winter. It's not got the same insulation as a Roubaix-style jersey, and Vulpine says for anything under 8 degrees you'll want to consider something underneath.

Check out our full review of the jersey here.

Bontrager Women's Commuting Wool Long Sleeve Jersey

This little number crept up on us here at Total Women's Cycling. The Bontrager Women's Commuting Wool Long Sleeve Jersey is pretty darn chic-looking, and is made of 100% merino wool (yep those hilarious sheep again).

We also love the reflective details on the sleeve – excellent stuff for those of us who like to remain in black, even when it's potentially hazardous to our health. The buttoned back pocket is also a nice touch, giving this jersey a generally premium feel. And don't tell anyone... but even though the RRP is rather large, it's currently available at a bargain price.

Gore Bike Wear Element Thermo Lady Jersey

Despite the fact we'd prefer this was a 'women's' rather than 'lady' jersey, the Gore Element Thermo Lady Jersey certainly looks to be a sound choice for the winter months.

It's designed specifically for the coldest days of the year – intended to keep you insulated on long rides. It also has the much-coveted zipped back pocket and a cosy, close-fit collar. Finally, it comes in an eye-destroying array of bright colours that we're quite fond of. It has that certain something that Gore are really good at... ensuring their products don't look tacky, even when they're in the world's most lurid shades.