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Here's the problem with cycling: sometimes it's so much fun that you forget to do human stuff like eat and drink. Don't worry, we've all rode for an hour before remembering we left our bidon at home and then promptly purchased the most carb-loaded drink from a corner shop possible. It's just what happens.

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Thankfully, there are water bottles beautiful enough (or, failing that, decidedly tech enough for you to geek out over), that you just can't forget they're in your bottle cage. Here are our picks of the best on the market, at every price point. Because you know you can only reuse that old Evian bottle for so long...

tacx shiva water bottle colours colourful

The Tacx Shiva is easy to drink from, doesn't leak, is cheap and comes in a variety of colours. It's the 500ml model that has a £5.99 price tag, but the thirsty among you will be pleased to know it also comes in a 750ml capacity for around a pound more.

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When it comes to bike-based hydration, you can't get much better than a simple product that does what it's designed to do.

camelbak podium ice bottle 10 best bidons water bottles

It's not on the UK market just yet, but the Camelbak Podium Ice ($25) bottle has a precedent.

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Billed as having even more thermal capabilities than it's popular sibling, the Podium Chill, this bottle will apparently keep your drink cold or hot for up to four hours. A good prospect for those of you that like to do exotic, long-haul treks across the wilderness.

Elite SuperCorsa Team 750ml water bottle 10 best bidons

The Elite SuperCorsa Team 750ml Water Bottle 2014 is another bottle that does it's intended job and nothing more. The valve is easy on the mouth, allowing for quick and painless drinking during a ride.

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It's proper squeezable, BPA free (nasty plastic chemicals) and biodegradable. The latter is pretty essential, since these bottles are used by those pesky litter-bug pros.

Campagnolo Super Record 500ml Thermal Water Bottle brilliant bidons 10 best

The Campagnolo Super Record 500ml Thermal Water Bottle is a certainly a premium product, in both the fiscal and quality capacities. It's also a thermal bottle, meaning that your beverage will keep the desired temperature for longer (they claim four hours).

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Campagnolo like to say it uses a material called 'Aerogel' which has 'nanopores' that reduce heat transmission. Which all sounds very scientific and fancy, doesn't it? Also: big points for dishwasher safeness.

Science in Sport 800ml Water Bottle best bidons 10

Cheap, cheerful and... smart? Yep, the Science in Sport 800ml Water Bottle is simple by design but includes a very basic addition that the other bottles in this list don't: guides for mixing up various sports drinks printed on the outside.

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Definitely one for those of you concerned about their intake of fluids over the course of a ride (psst – it's currently £2.80 on Wiggle).

Elite Nanogelite Corsa Thermal Squeeze Bottle white blue 10 best brilliant bidons water bottles

The internet hails the Elite Nanogelite Corsa Thermal Squeeze Bottle as a lotta thermal-based bang for your buck. It also aims to provide you with four hours of temperature consistency, but at a much lower price than some of the other thermal products out there.

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It also holds 500ml and is squeezable enough to keep the particularly weak-gripped among you totally hydrated. Nice.

KLEAN KANTEEN CLASSIC 800ML YELLOW bidon brilliant best water bottles bikes cycling

Not a bidon in the traditional sense perhaps, but the Klean Kanteen Classic 800ml is at the front of a revolution in eco-friendly sports bottles. Klean Kanteens are made of stainless steel, minimising plastic production and encouraging you not to simply throw it away: this water bottle should last a lifetime and thankfully it's easy enough to clean that it will remain looking lovely for that long too! Furthermore, it's got a generous 800ml capacity.

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The draw-backs? Well it's not perfect for your bike straight out of the box. You'll want to invest in a sports cap for it, and a specifically designed bottle cage.

There's also no squeezing to be had here – so if you're the kind of cyclist that gets impatient with the speed at which gravity works, stick to a plastic alternative.

Zefal Arctica 700ml Bottle

Another thermal option, the Zefal Arctica 700ml Bottle promises less but comes with a smaller price tag.

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The Zefal hopes to give you around two and a half hours of temperature consistency and therefore may be perfect for those of you who can't stretch to the extra miles or pennies! It also has an impressive 700ml capacity, which we love.

Polar Bottle Sport Insulated Water Bottles 20 oz. Insulated Water Bottles best bidons top 10 bike cycling

Another American import, these Polar Bottle Sport Insulated Water Bottles provide the perfect option for the thermal and fashion conscious. They come in a myriad of beautiful designs, and the company even offer a service where you can have you name monogrammed onto it for an extra $5 or so.

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They aren't the easiest to get hold of in the UK though – head on over to their website where you can send them an email and they'll advise you on your local stockist or international shipping costs.

nike sport water bottle bidons best 10 water bottles cycling bikes

Again, a simple yet effective design, this time from the Nike Sport Water Bottle 600ml. This bottle is easily pick-up-able due to that lovely dent in it's side, and has a generous capacity to satisfy any cyclist's thirst.

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Also, VERY importantly, there are loads of colours to you can pick one that matches your bike. Don't ever say we don't give you the info you need here at TWC!