Women's Cycle Touring Shoes

Footwear is very important if you are planning on doing some cycle touring. Whether you are going for a weekend or a few years, your feet are going to be doing a lot of work so make sure you have the right women's cycle touring shoes.

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Women's cycle touring shoes tend to have a more flexible base than road or mountain bike shoes, and the cleat will often sit in a recessed area to make it much easier to walk about when you are off the bike. All of these women's bike touring shoes (and sandals!) are to be used with SPD pedals so you can clip to the bike.

[part title="Specialized Tahoe Sport Women's Cycling Shoe"]

Specialized Tahoe Sport Women's Cycle Touring Shoe

The Tahoe Sport cycling shoe from Specialized is a recreational shoe with a flexible, grippy base and a recessed area to attach a cleat. It's compatible with 2-bolt SPD type cleats, which is a great option for touring.

The Vibram sole gives grip on and off the pedal, and the mesh upper makes sure there's plenty of ventilation to keep your feet cool.

With a lace fastening, the handy top velcro strap keeps the shoelaces out of the way.

More info: Specialized

Price: £80

[part title="Giro Civilia Women's Cycle Touring Shoes"]

Giro Civilia Women's Cycle Touring Shoes

With looks that set them apart, the Giro Civilia women's cycle touring shoes are a good looking item.

With a smart looking and durable leather outer, these will look great off the bike as well as on, meaning one less pair of shoes to bring with you on your travels.

They have a recessed space which fits two-bolt cleats, and a pleasingly light-blue coloured elements on the sole that match the laces.

More info: Giro

Price: RRP £129.99

[part title="Keen Commuter III Women's Cycling Sandals"]

Keen Commuter III Women's Cycle Sandals

And now for something complete different. If you are cycling in a hot climate for a long time, having the wind between your toes can make all the difference in terms of comfort.

The Keen Commuter III Women's Cycling Sandals give you the advantages of an SPD shoe, with the breezy benefits of a sandal. The footbed is treated with an antimicrobial agent to keep things whiff-free.

More info: Keen, available from Rose Bikes and other online shops

Price: RRP around £97

[part title="Giro Reveille Women's Cycle Touring Shoes"]

Giro Reveille Women's Cycle Touring Shoe

A more traditionally road-shoe styled offering compared to the Giro Civilia, the Giro Reveille Women's Cycle Touring Shoe has a sleek, sturdy and stylish black outer and stiff nylon sole. Replaceable walking pads make moving around off the bike considerably easier, and the shoe can take a two-bolt cleat.

Two velcro straps and a ratchet buckle keep the Reveille snug and secure on your foot and you pedal through the miles.

More info: Giro

Price: RRP $150

[part title="Shimano SH-CW40 Women's Cycle Touring Shoes"]

Shimano SH-CW40 Women's Cycle Touring Shoe

It's not a name that's exactly easy to remember or say, but the Shimano SH-CW40 are a great combination of casual, lightweight trainer styling and cleat system.

Designed to be used with the Shimano Click'R pedals, they also work well with other pedals that use the two-bolt cleat systems. A ladder shape shank plate gives the sole rigidity when cycling, but is flexible enough so you can walk with comfort.

More info: Shimano

Price: RRP

[part title="Pearl Izumi X-Alp Seek V Women's Cycle Touring Shoe"]

Pearl Izumi X-Alp Women's Cycle Touring Shoes

It looks like a plain trainer (and a stylish one at that) but it is in fact a cycling shoe, packed with features.

The lightweight, breathable and quick-drying upper is lace-up, with a handy garage to store the ends of the laces so they don't get caught up when you're pedaling.

A dual-density EVA sole gives stiffness but with enough flex to be comfortable off the bike. It's compatible with two-bolt SPD cleats, which fit in the recessed area on the sole.

More info: Pearl Izumi

Price: RRP £100

[part title="Shimano WR35 SPD Women's Cycle Touring Shoes"]

Shimano WR35 Women's Cycle Touring Shoes

A great, sleek and value for money pair of shoes, the Shimano WR35 Women's Cycle Touring Shoes are worth a look if you are in the market for some new footwear for your bike touring adventure.

A white leather upper is sturdy and durable, and the stiff sole takes a two-bolt cleat in a recessed area that makes walking possible. Three velcro straps keep the fit secure, and there's plenty of cooling venting on the upper.

More info: Shimano

Price: RRP £69.99

[part title="Specialized Spirita RBX Women's Cycle Touring Shoes"]

Specialized Spirita RBX Women's Cycle Touring Shoe

Towards the road shoe end of the cycle touring shoe scale, the Specialized Spirita RBX shoe has a stiff plate to give power transference when pedaling, and a rubber outer for grip and comfort when walking.

It has three velcro straps to keep it secure, and takes two-bolt SPD style cleats.

More info: Specialized

Price: RRP £75

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