Figuring out which hairstyle to go for under your helmet is no easy task. For starters, the majority of helmets are only compatible with low lying styles that sit at the back of your neck which can often be uncomfortable. We love the Specialized Prevail and the lower priced Properpo II with their handy hairports - they really do make a difference but hairports are still few and far between.

Then there is the issue of choosing a style that will not bother you in the wind and will not result in wayward strands of hair making their way towards your face. Lastly there is the question of which style is the most aero.

After all, when it comes to race season every second counts. We spend so much time researching the lightest components and accessories but actually your choice of hairstyle can have just as much impact. So which hairstyle is the most aero? Is it the low bun, the high ponytail, the braid or simply au natural hair down?

Unfortunately we don't have a wind tunnel in TWC Towers to find this information ourselves. But luckily Specialized do. So watch the video below to find out for yourself which hairstyle will save you 14 seconds over 40km.

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