We're here at the 2015 edition of Eurobike. It's the biggest trade show in the industry, and all the major brands are here showing off their new additions - to journalists, buyers, and each other.

We've trawled the stalls to find some of the coolest kit for roadies. Here are a few of our fave items so far...


This is Primal's high end women's kit - we reckon it looks pretty swish. The leg grippers and arms feature dimpled fabric and the fit is close for aerodynamics.


White at the front, red at the back - how clever is this?! We've requested one for a test, so stay tuned to find out how it does.

It's USB rechargeable, so that's a good start..


We reviewed the Fuji Supreme 2.3 recently - and we weren't sure about the butterfly logo or the orange.

The Ultegra equipped 2.1 has a very fetching new colour scheme - but no real frame changes.


Cube have a brand new endurance road platform, called the Axial. The bikes come with disc and caliper brakes and have been designed to be comfortable over long rides, yet race ready. Much more on these later!


It's not all 'NEWNEWNEW'. A spot of history on the SRM stand.


Previously only available for men, the Fiandre jacket will be ready for us to buy and wear soon! This is a great item for changeable weather and shows a commitment to growing the women's range.


Sportful are also offering their high end custom kit in women's fit, too. Yippee!


More great, expressive designs from these guys - never ones to disappoint!


We'll be talking more about ISM soon - but here's a simple demonstration of how these, admittedly funny looking, saddles can save soft tissue discomfort. No soft tissue touches the saddle - simple.


Hiplok have mainly gone to the commuter market, but this new cafe lock shows they're also targeting the roadies with a lightweight option.


Liv now have saddles for women who sit forward, and a saddle for women who sit back. Saddle-buyers will use a mapping tool to determine the best fit for them, which should reduce pressure in the places it's needed - more info here.


Castelli had some seriously interesting stuff to show us at their stand..

They've got a new selection of Bellissima kit that includes racey red sports bras that look a bit 'Victoria's Secret', tank tops, nautical stripes and more. At first we weren't too sure, then it dawned on us that there's really no reason fashion and function have to be separated - and all the kit boasts great technical fabrics.

The brand are also demonstrating a real drive to provide women with race focused, technical kit - with a new aero jersey and seamless bibs. On top of all that, they've given us good kit for bad weather - with Out Dry (super waterproof) gloves and a new packable with tons of reflective features and drawstrings to prevent windy weather flapping.