With their commitment to all sides of cycling, it’s safe to say that Rapha know their stuff. When you buy a piece of Rapha kit, you know it’s going to stay in your wardrobe for many years to come. In fact, our editor is still wearing the Classic bibs and they look and feel as new.

Rapha are constantly growing their women's range and we're constantly impressed with the quality..

rapha souplesse
rapha gt

High quality leather mitts are a really popular seller, and of course there is a winter version that looks just as at home off the bike.

Rapha performance range

The summer jerseys are usually on offer in similar colours to the men's, with the same technical fabric, and a women's cut.

Rapha Women's Range

The Brevet gilet is a staple of marketing manager, Katie, who is an endurance rider and has worn it on countless long adventures.

Rapha Women's Range

There is a wide range of winter jacket options, all in a selection of bright colours, and classic black.