The city range is all about everyday cyclists - those who like to ride to the office, and don't want to shower and change at the other end.

Every garment drips quality and sophistication - here are a few favourites...

Rapha City Range

All about beautiful, understated style, the Rapha leggings are stretchy and perfect for the commute.

The Merino Sweatshirts (£95) are perfect for those girls about town as they are super durable, look great and wick away sweat quickly and efficiently.

Rapha Women's Range

The summer city range includes tailored shorts, smart leggings, merino tops and elegant accessories.

Rapha Women's Range

This year, Rapha teamed up with Liberty to create the Liberty X range - a sign that they're keen to create a marriage between function and style.

"Liberty is a landmark in London with influence on culture as well as design worldwide since the late 19th Century," says Alex Valdman, Head of Product Design for Rapha. “The Liberty Art Fabrics collaborations are world-renowned and for Rapha to be the first sportswear brand to feature a Liberty print is a real thrill for everyone here. Further, I believe it speaks to the beauty and style of road cycling and its appeal to increasingly more people here in the UK and abroad."