If you are living in a city with limited space, bike storage can become a massive pain in the backside. Thankfully though the options for practical bike storage are increasing all the time.

bike storage

If you are in the market for cycle storage for contemporary living then you should definitely check out the offerings from Sheffield-based furniture designer Ally Fraser.

We first spotted his work at the launch of Soho Bikes where he has

Ally stands beside one of his bike storage designs. at the launch of Soho Bikes.

designed the interiors and fittings for the entire store. Ally has developed a range of really practical, yet amazing looking furniture to accommodate your beloved bike.

Our particular favourite is the cycle dresser which can be customised to your specific needs and style - you can even choose the type of wood that is used.

Your 2-wheeled friend fits effortlessly into the cushioned slot at the top, while the space below is used to maximise storage: the top pigeon hole for quick-grab items, while the drawers - smaller drawers for lights, tools and accessories - bigger drawers for helmets and clothes.

The Cycle Dresser doesn't come cheap, starting at £1,200, but quality and a personal service are guaranteed.

If you are interested in purchasing Ally's bike storage, pop him an email (afwoodworks@gmail.com) or check out his Facebook page.

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