We’ve loved following the story of Kajsa Tylén over the past year as she pedalled out 52,025km to take the Guinness World Record for the highest mileage cycled in a year by a woman, and thankfully the story is not over.

Over the course of 2016, Tylén knocked out an average of 142,53km a day between New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve. In the process she was also voted by you – our readers – as your 2016 TWC Awards Unsung Hero for her efforts.

Kajsa Tylen TWC awards unsung hero

As well as clocking up the miles to break the record, previously held by Billie Flemming who made her mark in 1938, Tylen wanted to inspire others to take on challenges.

The Business Analyst on secondment asked people to make ‘Sweat Pledges’, creating a Sweat Pledge Strava Group where their attempts could be logged and followed. With the record attempt done and dusted, most expected that the Sweat Pledges had come to an end, too. Not so. They’ve only just begun.


Early this week, Tylén posted on her World Record Facebook page, explaining that the Sweat Pledges would live on, housed on a brand new website. The 40-year-old said: “My main motivation last year was the knowledge that I was inspiring more people to get active and to achieve goals they didn’t think were possible previously. I called this the “Sweat Pledge" – people pledged personal goals to me instead of donating money to a charity. Over the last year I have had hours and hours to think, and have spent quite a few of those hours trying to think of a way to roll out the Sweat Pledge concept on a grander scale.

“It took 11 months but I finally got a plan together and am eager to launch sweatpledge.com this year. Sweatpledge.com will give – initially – individuals and clubs a way of encouraging sweat pledges and seeing the web of inspiration that they have started."

The site is still being developed, but Tylén urged anyone supporting the venture to sign up to her newsletter – and we’ll certainly be doing so!