Katie Archibald’s Extreme Suffer Score on Strava for Women’s Tour Stage One

Races like the Aviva Women's Tour are a great way of showing the true meaning of #RideLikeaGirl... these women are totally badass. They are athletes at the top of their game. Over the past four stages we have seen thrills, spills and everything in between. These riders show that women's racing can be just as exciting as the mens' - it is fantastic and truly inspiring for young girls up and down the county.

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We are also just a tiny bit happy to see Strava segments being bagged by women instead of the usual domination of men at the top spots. Check out the following, it seems no man has managed to take the top spot from Boels Dolman rider, Ellen Van Dijk which she set on last year's Women's Tour. Although if we were John Whitworth we would be pretty chuffed to be sharing the fourth spot on the segment with the machine that is Marianne Vos.

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