We've made it our mission to help you kickstart your year of cycling. We want you to achieve your pedalling goals and to help, we've pooled together lists of the best road sportives and mountain bike events this year.

9 UK Enduro events to challenge yourself with in 2017

Although, you may be looking for something a little bit more challenging, or a ride of a lifetime which involves cycling through stunning landscapes in a places not often travelled. If that's the case then we think we have the ride for you.

The West Africa Cycle Challenge is launching for 2017 in partnership with Street Child Charity. The UK based organisation works hard to help the street children of West Africa find counsel with families, go to school and have a chance at making a life for themselves. To support this wonderful cause, the organisation are running their first bike ride across West Africa.

The Trip


By signing up, you'll be able to raise funds for the children of West Africa and support the Street Children efforts.

This incredible cycle ride sets off from Bo in Sierra Leone where you can visit the very children you will be helping through the ride. From there you'll cycle 300km in four days across to Liberia where you'll get to walk across the beautiful beaches and visit more sites supported by the charity. You can find out more information and details about the trip here.

The West Africa Cycle Challenge sets off on May 30th 2017, and there's still time for you to sign up, take part and raise funds.

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