Vote for Total Womens Cycling 2014 London Cycling Awards

We're absolutely ecstatic to announce that Total Women's Cycling have been shortlisted for the Best Blog category in the 2014 London Cycling Awards.

Organised by the London Cycling Campaign, the charity that gives a voice to cyclists in London, the shortlisted blogs have all been suggested by LCC Members themselves.

It means so much to us that what we are trying to achieve - supporting women's cycling in all its forms, at all levels, and providing a friendly and accessible source of information, guidance and advice - has been recognised in this way. Thank you! But we need a little bit more help.

Now it's over to you. The winner of the category will be the Blog that has gained the most votes by Midnight on the 8th July. The winner will be announced at the London Cycling Awards Ceremony on the 16th July.

We're up against some stiff (and also very deserving) competition - so every vote counts! Please share the word, and get everyone you know involved.

You can vote for Total Women's Cycling at the LCC website.

You can also spread the word online, via the London Cycling Campaign Facebook Page or Twitter accounts. Don't forget to include the #LondonCyclingAwards hashtag!

The London Cycling Awards consist of two parts. The Consumer Awards, which showcases excellence among brands, events and cycle champions. The Project Awards which honors achievements within the cycling community for initiatives and individual efforts.

Ashok Sinha, CEP of the London Cycling Campaign, commented on the shortlist; "Our members have compiled an excellenst list fo finalists for the Consumer Award categories this year, from new names

Ashok Sinha, CEO of London Cycling Campaign, commented on the shortlist; “Our members have compiled an excellent list of finalists for the Consumer Award categories this year; from new names to well-known blogs and champions. We think there will be some fantastic competition during the public online vote.

The fact that both finalists and winners are a reflection of London's cycling community makes the London Cycling Awards a true stamp of approval."

The other categories in the Consumer Awards section are Cycling Brand of the Year, Best Small Bike Retailers, Best Large/Online Bike Retailer, Cycling Champion of the Year and Bike Blog of the Year.

Best Blog Shortlist - 2014 London Cycling Awards, Consumer Categories

- Total Women's Cycling

- Cyclist in the City, Danny Williams

- I Bike London, Mark Ames

- London Cyclist, Andreas Kambanis

- Road CC

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