With 19,000 cyclists being involved in road accidents every year, Volvo has designed a super reflective paint which will be given out to cyclists for free in a bid to improve road safety.

[related_articles] After teaming up with Grey London and Albedo100, the Swedish car manufacturer has brought out LifePaint, a paint that riders can spray onto themselves to make them visible to all road users at night.

With Lifepaint not affecting the colour or surface of the material, the versatile product allows riders to get creative with what they put it onto. You can use it on just about anything from helmets and backpacks, to jackets and shoes.

The only downside is that its washable water based formula only lasts for a week. The formula can't be seen at all during the day, but turns into a reflective bright white colour in the night.

Volvo are giving the reflective spray out to cyclists for free, but at the moment it's only available in six bike shops in Kent and London.