It's not uncommon to have to carry your bike over fences and gates whilst out on a ride. However, when Paul shocked himself on this electric fence, it caused him to drop his mountain bike half way. Watching Paul, and his three friends try to set his bike free from the electric fence is nothing short of hilarious.

With friends like Paul's, they reassuringly advise him to get his bike out as the fence is only "only a little bit electric... it's only a little bit live". The three amigos poke, prod and lever the bike with sticks - that snap - in what resembles a sketch from a Chuckle Brothers show.


The infectious laughter of Paul's friends, and the ongoing ridicule Paul endures is enough to have you laughing along.

After much frustration - on Paul's part - and the help from his mates, the bike is finally released from the fence's electrifying grasp. I think Paul will be using gates from now on.

Since being posted on the internet 2 days ago, the video has already had over 100k views on YouTube.

You can watch the full unedited video below. Warning: video contains frustrated men, hilarity and some adult language.