One of the uncomfortable truths about riding bikes, is how it can be affected by your period. We call it "menstrual cycling", and while we can't interfere with Mother Nature, we can certainly help relieve some of her affects.

Feminine product brands have been on a crusade to vanquish social taboos surrounding a woman's monthly bleed. Bodyform's "Blood" campaign was the first to ditch the ominous blue liquid, and show real women with real blood.

Breaking away from traditional advertisements of dancing women in blossoming meadows, being unsettling happy about their visit from Aunt Flow, Mooncup have released a quirky tongue-in-cheek ad. With a mocking undertone to conventional period advertisements, Mooncup relives every woman's nightmare - running out of tampons mid flow.

With the #OwnYourPeriod as part of their campaign, you can watch the full video below.

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