velo vixen show room

Purchasing goods online is efficient and hassle free. There’s always a larger variety of options out there to choose from and it makes our lives just that little bit easier. However after finding and falling in love with your ideal piece of kit, it can always be a bit of a struggle getting the right fit, especially for us ladies.

velo vixen show room

Located outside of Oxford, just three miles from the Oxford ring road, the 400sq.ft showroom will showcase its stock from over 30 leading brands (Bern, Bobbin, Shutt, Vulpine) of which many are purely women’s specific (Flare, Outfoxxed, Georgia in Dublin).


Although it aims to get most of what’s available online into the showroom, the staff are more than happy to fish anything out that you might not be able to find!

Its friendly and informative staff will be able to help you find your perfect piece of kit and answer any questions you may have. Open for business on most weekdays, from 09:30-18:00, if you’re planning to drop by, make sure to give them a call and let them know before hand on 01302249322.

Click here to find out how to get to the showroom.

VeloVixen is the headline sponsor of the inaugural Total Women's Cycling Awards 2015, make sure to get your nominations in here!