The new travel app for cyclists tells you the correct time to have your bike lights on, helping you plan ahead for a safer journey.

[related_articles] The makers of the Blaze Light, which took the cycling industry by storm after its initial inception, have put their creative juices into a new app,

Using local laws and live sunrise and sunset data to determine when they needed to be turned on, cyclists simply input the time and duration of travel into the app and are given an instant 'yes' or 'no'.

The app also allows cyclists to input details for future journeys giving you the chance to plan ahead safely.

Knowing when to put your bike lights on may seem like a pretty obvious and simple thing, but 50% of urban bicycle commuting is during the evening or night, which is the time of day when judgement may not be at its peak.

And as the law requires cyclists to have their bike lights turned on between sunset and sunrise, this app will make sure you have it exactly right.

So what do you think of Is it really that useful for cyclists, or is it just common sense that we should know when lights are needed for travel? Follow us on Twitter and let us know!