The League of Adventurous Women have launched a 'Try Something New Challenge' to encourage ladies all over the world to get outdoors and have a go at something a bit scary.

The league was founded in 2013 by Michaelle Scanlon, a former Girl Scout leader who wanted to encourage women to get out and tick off bucket-list "would love to do" challenges.

They describe themselves as "a network of adventure groups and active individuals dedicated to creating new friendships and helping all women expand their horizons by trying something new."

The organisation is affiliated with groups which can provide support, including the Women's Cycling Association. They have an active Facebook presence and a long list of suggested challenges for women to get involved in.

The Try Something New Challenge (TSNC) is simple: think of an activity you've always wanted to do, and check it off your bucket list this July.


Challenges will be shared on Facebook and Twitter with #TSNC - and you've got plenty of time to get planning!

Spokeswoman for the league, Stacy Allison said: "Every woman can participate and every woman will feel good about what she has accomplished. I want women across the country to be part of this groundbreaking experience!"

President and founder, Micaelle Scanlon said: "Women don’t have to do anything risky to participate. The important thing is to do something new – to take on a personal challenge. It could be anything from joining a kayak clinic, an archery class, or a drumming lesson to taking a pottery class or learning to mountain bike." (we're all for that last one).

We'd love to know - what would you like to do this July?

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