The world's first cycling jersey with a compartment for a gun has been made for female cyclists...

We were completely baffled after discovering the website Concealed Carrie which offers active women the chance to discretely carry their safety weapons with them easily on the go. As well as producing a rather obscure range of Crocodile print bags and Ostrich print purses with hidden gun compartments, their cycling jersey is by far their most shocking offering.

[related_articles] The jersey which has been "designed for the female shooter on the go", is made from a poly-blend material with a moisture wicking green block on the back and features a pocket for a firearm just below the breast bone.

The hidden pocket on the cycling jersey is also appropriate for storing a taser gun or pepper spray and there's even the option to purchase a removable, adjustable holster.

"Allowing women to conceal and carry their safety weapons whilst enjoying the great outdoors" is a sentence we didn't think we would ever read in our life. The great outdoors and firearms are not two things that immediately go hand in hand.

The problem here isn't even the fact that women are seeking firearms for protection in certain areas of America, it's the way this website worryingly glorifies guns. The tagline of the site reads "Firearms. Fashion. Fabulous". That says it all really.

We are pretty astonished that a cycling jersey of this kind has even been made.

They've even made a video for the product here...

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