We've all day dreamed it at some point in our lives. Standing on the podium to receive the gold medal at the Olympic Games, with the crowd cheering and a beaming smile on your face.

Well a new study from Voucherbox has shown that this could be a reality, and a not so distance one at that. Ok, you've missed the cut-off for the Rio Games, but the Tokyo 2020 event could be within your grasp... if you have the time, dedication and cash that is.

So what does it take to be a gold medal Olympian? Your chosen discipline will affect the time and money that needs to be invested, but Voucherbox has assessed a number of different ingredients that go into making a champion - the cost of one-one sessions with an Olympic coach and the hours required for someone with average fitness to get up to the standard.

They found that aspiring Olympians train for an average of five and a half hours per day, six days a week. But the vast differences of hiring world-class coaches and buying equipment across different sporting disciplines led to some huge differences in the cost of achieving that elusive Olympic dream.

olypic cost

With equestrian leading the way for financial investment with £468,000 over the next 4 years, it's actually boxing that requires the most time commitment.

If time is a limiting factor for your, being a world class triathlete only requires 5200 hours over the 4 year period, but you will need roughly £322,400 so it may be an idea to start saving those pennies now!

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