The NYC Women's 100 Rapha Ride 2014
Photo: Chris Lee | The Radavist

On Sunday 26 July 2015, thousands of women around the world will ride 100km. Organised by Rapha, the event encourages. Over 8,000 women took part in 2014 and this year they're aiming to double that number.

[related_articles]So far there are rides registered in 22 countries across the globe, but don't worry if there is not one near you. It is the perfect excuse to round up your girlfriends and register your very own ride, or if you prefer you can go it alone.

Having a long term goal is a great way of making the most out of your training - all of a sudden you'll find it a lot more difficult back out on that ride you committed to. After all, you'll want to feel your very best on the big day when it rolls around.

For more information check out the Rapha website.