The number of cyclists in London has grown over the years, along with the rising costs of transport and the alarming rates of traffic on the roads. Despite efforts to help improve the cycle network in the Capital city, criticisms are continually made about its level of safety for cyclists.

What are the reasons for not cycling to work?

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has proposed a new plan that will see a £770m invested into London's cycling network. He was quoted to say that riding a bicycle is a “safe and obvious" mode of transport for all Londoners.

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This ambitious plan equates to an investment of £17 per cyclist, which is not far off from the levels of investment seen in more cycle-friendly nations like the Netherlands and Denmark.

What began under the leadership of his predecessor, Boris Johnson, Khan will grow the cycle superhighways that have already proven to be a great success. These highways have seen in increase in cycle traffic by 55% in the last 6 months alone. In addition to this, suburban residential areas will see a reduced flow of traffic in favour of cyclists.

Improved cycle-ways in London will significantly help cyclists feel safer when riding their bikes. We hope to see these plans and proposals put into action so that more women will feel confident and comfortable to ride to work more often.

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