The Adventure Syndicate formed earlier this year with the objective of encouraging more women and girls to attempt challenges they thought impossible.

Now, they're releasing a journal that will tell the story of co-founder Lee Craigie's Highland 550 adventure - a self supported mountain bike race across the Scottish Highlands. They've already reached the target to release the book, but are looking to raise further funds to commission a larger print run.

The journal details Craigie's journey, through her own words and stunning photography by James Robertson.

Those choosing the fund the publication can pay £15 (or £20 if overseas postage is required) to pre-order a book. So far, the team have already raised over £4,000.

No one will be making any personal financial gains through the book - all pictures and materials have been provided free of charge. All profits from the sale of the books will go into the Adventure Syndicate, allowing them to give free talks, host event and workshops, in school and communities across the UK.

Craigie explains the aims of the group, saying: "We want to inspire, encourage and enable more people - but especially more women and girls - to challenge themselves on what they think they might be capable of. The Adventure Syndicate believes that the publication of this journal will massively help us achieve this."

The names of all supporters - and ideally their own pledges to challenge themselves - will appear in the back of the journal. Check out the inspiring video below to learn more, and read about how you can support the group here...