As much as we like to tell ourselves that we're confident and capable cyclists, the reality is that we're not in control of our surroundings. More and more women all over the world are embracing the two-wheeled lifestyle on a daily basis and one of the most important aspects to consider is safety.

You can cover yourself head to toe in high-vis and bicycle lights, and you could even wear a dinosaur costume on the bike just to make yourself seen, but at the end of the day, you can't control drivers, other cyclists and pedestrians.

Video: Female Cyclist Falls Victim to Harassment in the Street

Accidents happen on the bike so it's important to know what to do in case you're involved in a collision. It's also important to have the necessary tools on hand that could help you out of a sticky situation.


Run Angel is a new personal alarm device for active outdoor women. It's slim, discreet and emits a loud alarm in case of an emergency. The device can be linked to a mobile phone application that sends out SMS alerts to your nominated contacts who will receive the time and your location once the alarm has been activated.

The Run Angel has been designed and developed in the UK and Ireland. It's rechargeable, sweat resistant and discreet to wear. They are available in one size and one colour for €99 / £84 here.