Six riders got more than they bargained for after a Norwegian mountain bike event last Friday when they mistook a bottle of laundry detergent for an energy drink.


The laundry in question was called Omo Activ & Sport Liquid detergent and the mix up occurred when the men were give samples of the detergent post race.

The men gratefully gulped down the drink completely oblivious. As soon as the mistake became apparent the six men were rushed to A&E where their bodies were flushed out with copious amounts of fluids. Thankfully it was confirmed that no damage was caused by the small amount consumed aside from some discomfort caused by the foaming action of the detergent.

Six riders ended up clean inside and out at a Norwegian mountain bike event on Friday August 29 after drinking laundry detergent that they mistook for energy drink.

Organisers of the FredagsBirken long-distance mountain bike race in Rena near Oslo were handing out samples of Omo Activ & Sport liquid detergent, but hadn't anticipated riders would mistake it for sport nutrition.

Speaking about the incident, event boss Jo Gunnar Ellevold concluded that: "Eighty percent of our participants are men. From this we can conclude that married men would not know what Omo is."

While her colleague agreed that despite the fact they thought detergent would come in handy to wash contestants muddy clothes, the more traditional offering of mackerel in tomato might be a little safer next time!

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