bike snake copenhagen

Sick of sharing a bike lane with double decker buses and taxis? Not to mention dodging drain covers and potholes as you swerve precariously close to other road users? Maybe we should move to Copenhagen. A city where commuting by bike is an experience of utter pleasure.

With 200 miles of smooth bike lanes that are completely protected from traffic, covering the entire city, Copenhagen is the world leader when it comes to cycling infrastructure.

One problem the city has encountered with its bike lanes is congestion. Copenhagen is home to the busiest bike lane in the world - up to 40,000 people cycle along it daily.

With more bikes than residents and 40% of the work force travelling to work by bike, it was acknowledged that something needs to be done to alleviate the congestion. And so the Cykelslangen or Cycle Snake was born. This elevated skyway is designed exclusively for cyclists and helps keep bike traffic moving smoothly.

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