Osloh Bicycle Jeans have been making cycling jeans with extra flexibility and a built-in chamois for some time but today they've announced the launch of their first women's collection.

The Osloh Women's Porteur jean aims to marry functionality, style, quality and durability in a cut that will fit and flatter a woman comfortably.

Described as 'slim fit, modern skinny with a low waist' you can pick these up in dark indigo denim or a lighter 'navy cavalry twill' which we have to admit is our favourite.

The trousers feature a contoured waistband that won't cut in - but what sets them apart from other brands making jeans for cyclists is the in-built quilted poly chamois.

The seat and crotch are reinforced to prevent wearing as a result of friction on the saddle (it happens - sad times) and the driveside leg is also quilted and reinforced just in case you happen to catch the chain.

osloh jeans

Based on the popular men's 'Traffic Jean' designers haven't made many changes to the style, only the cut. Head designer Shawn Drayton said: “I wince a little at the idea that a women’s jean should be a huge departure from the men’s. We designed the Osloh jean to be a hardwearing, bicycle functional yet universally wearable garment, and that will be the case

for the women’s as it is with the men’s."

The jeans cost $151 - about £100 and are available here.