It looks like another MP may have got themselves into hot water after stating that women cyclists should have slow lanes to 'pootle along' to stop them from being intimidated by MAMILs (middle-aged men in lycra) whizzing by.

bike lanes

Speaking to the Telegraph, Meg Hillier, a Home Office minister in Gordon Brown’s government, and vice-chair of the all parliamentary cycling group called for roads to be redesigned to encourage more women to cycle. She said that women are not interested in getting hot and sweaty cycling fast and so the segregation of lanes would encourage more women to opt for life on two wheels.

She also addressed the issue of cycle fashion for women as a major barrier for entry:

“Men arrive at work in flat shoes and a suit if you are going to an office job and so it is easier to turn up on a bike – for a women there is the worry of wearing a skirt, or a dress, maybe high heels, then you have to think about something else to wear on your bike, how to carry your work clothes. Although there are plenty of women who hop on and go."

Personally we think she could do with having a quick read of TWC where all of these bases have been covered!!

But in all seriousness. We do think that Hillier has a point, we have just one issue with that point. Why are women pigeon-holed as the 'pootlers'?

A slow lane for cyclist in general would be great, we are sure all of those men commuting in their suits on Bromptons and Barclay Bikes would welcome a ride in the slow lane, as we've no doubt they are just as concerned about turning up to meetings drenched in sweat, looking a touch dishevelled.

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