For those of you who have cats and dogs, you know just how nosy they can be. They have to be on you and around you, before eventually settling down in the exact place where you don't want them... which is exactly what happened to this curious kitty.

After a delivery driver spotted the little moggy in a rather tight spot, the RSPCA were called out to help free the little guy from his bicycle trap. The upside-down bicycle was hanging from a residential balcony, where the cat had tried to climb through the rear wheel and seat-tube of the bike, before getting wedged in.


With the efforts of the RSPCA and local residents, the unidentified kitty was finally freed. Having been checked over, and without a microchip or any noticeable injury, the professionals let him get on his way.

Lucky he didn't have to get cut out of the bike, or that the bike was a new carbon fancy!

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