Two cats have ridden 300 miles with their man slave to promote "Poopy Cat" - building blocks that create homes for cats with integrated litter trays.


Thomas Vles, creator of the company, transported the cats from Amstardam to London as part of Poopy Cat's UK launch.

Mushi and Cheesy - hopefully neither of whom were named after any parcels they were leaving in their building block homes - arrived in their new kingdom safe and well, a little drier than Mr Vles.

Both cats appeared content to play (and plan world domination) in their cardboard homes as Vles pedaled his delicate load to the UK - in a kittymobile, complete with disco ball.

We only saw him pushing once, and he kept it going, even when the rain poured (the kitties were fine, protected by perspex).

Poopy Cat Blocks and Letter Box Litter Trays are available online here...


They can be built up to include ramps, hammocks and training rope games - travelling 300 miles by bike with them is not mandatory.

Vles isn't the only person to make a long trek accompanied by furry friends, read about Maggie and dog Oscar's 5,000 mile bicycle trek here.

Who do you reckon is winning in the cat vs dog stakes, here?