leafxpro kickstarter bike umbrella

If you've ever ridden to work in the midst of monsoon-like conditions, you'll have thought to yourself "why has no one invented an umbrella for my bike yet?". Well, ladies, it's finally happened.

[related_articles]The LEAFXPRO is now available for your backing on Kickstarter. It's a leafish pod that attaches to your bike, sheltering you from the worst of the harsh weather and keeping you stoked on your journey.

It's also modular, meaning that you can add different elements to your LEAFXPRO depending on the conditions. There's even an option for a family bicycle, with enough coverage for another, smaller human in a child seat.

leafxpro kickstarter bike umbrella bicycle

The models start at a reasonable £99 (that's less than most waterproof cycling coats), and go up to nearly £500 for an aerodynamic, carbon model.

We're not totally sure how we feel about the LEAFXPRO... would you use one on your commute? Would any mountain bikers take it to the trail centre?

At the time of writing the LEAFXPRO has gained £2,915 of it's £20,000 goal. If you'd like to pledge money to the project, you have until March 5th. Head to the Kickstarter page here.