Laura Trott celebrated the New Year with a new skinsuit before promptly crashing in it at the Revolution Track Series in Manchester over the weekend.

The damaged Milltag National Champion suit - which Trott had for all of twenty minutes - is now being auctioned by her team, Matrix Fitness, on Ebay.

Had my skinsuit for all of 20mins before it got ruined .. #whowantsit #goinginthebin

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The women's races on Saturday were headlined by Trott herself, 2014 UCI World Team Pursuit Champion Elinor Barker and Dutch National Champion Kirsten Wild.

Trott took victory in three of four rounds, including Sunday's Points Race where she crashed, demonstrating that even a fast paced tumbe couldn't keep her down. She conceded to second in the Scratch Race, where first place went to fellow GB rider Emily Nelson.

The skinsuit was damaged beyond repair and so is being auctioned, with proceeds going to World Bicycle Relief - a charity who donate bikes to impoverished children in Africa to allow them to get to school.

There's one day left on the auction, which will end on January 7 at 6.23pm and so far the highest bid is £360, though we'd expect this to rise significantly as the end draws closer.

Our most love to hate comment on the thread announcing the auction?:

darthcoughing@laura_trott31 did you at least wear a thong underneath it?! :/

Erm, no - we expect she didn't, because that really would be a terrible idea. We refer 'Darthcoughing' to our handy Ask the Expert post, "Should I Wear Underwear Under Cycling Shorts?"

Fancy putting in a bid? Check it out here.