A durable and waterproof heated jacked has been launched via Indiegogo and you can snap one up now.

It can be hard to stay warm on the bike in winter, especially if you want to avoid bundling yourself into multiple layers which can become annoying and restrict movement. Though there are a selection of cycling specific jackets out there designed to provide warmth and breathability, for those who really struggle a brand new electric heating option might be the answer.

The Heacket was created by Meltpartners Outdoors in collaboration with Arrow Electrics. It’s a lightweight jacket designed to be worn when doing winter sports outside and the creators say it’s unique because unlike similar offerings on the market it continues to work even in wet weather.


Strong and flexible heated panels are incorporated, with three controlled heating zones and it’s claimed these can reach ‘ideal temperature’ in just three seconds.

The waterproof jacket is made with carbon-based soft warming fabric – it can be folded, squeezed and soaked in water. We're told that traditional heated clothing is renowned for being fragile – and the creators are so keen to prove the durability of their version that they’ve recorded a jacket being run over by a car, whilst the heating element continues to work.

There is a men’s version (navy blue) and women’s (pink) and at the moment the jackets are priced at 50 per cent off on the Indiegogo campaign page – that’s $119 (around £98) as opposed to the rrp of $249 (£205).

Interested? Check out the video below or view the Indiegogo campaign here...