In case you've been living under a rock, Kajsa Tylen has been on a mission this year. She set out to break the World Record for miles cycled in a year, which was set in 1938 by Billie Flemming. 29,603.7.

Kajsa smashed through Flemming's record last month, but continues to finish her mission. in the yearToday Kajsa will be live streaming her final miles as she crosses the 50,000km marker point to take the Guinness World Record title.


Tylen has been riding for over 340 days, having begun her attempt on January 1 2016. As well as taking on the mega challenge, Tylen is encouraging others to question their own boundaries by making and completing ‘Sweat Pledges’. A Sweat Pledge can be a lifestyle change or specific challenge – you can see the pledges already made here and follow the progress of those taking part on Strava.

This year long cycle challenge has been no easy feat for Kajsa as a US cyclist also set out to beat the same record by riding continuous laps of her local park. Unphased by this, Kajsa continued to pedal, promote and encourage others to donate their Sweat Pledges.

Tune in around midday on Twitter to watch Kajsa Tylen pedal her final miles as she crosses the 50,000km marker. Video feed will be available on Twitter, through Periscope.