Bike Washing Machine caused us to stop in our tracks the other day. We couldn’t quite believe our eyes. Students of the Dalian Nationalities University have decided to combine two popular activities – cycling and washing your clothes – in an effort to revolutionize the washing machine industry.

Bike Washing Machine combines a stationary bike and washing machine so you can exercise at the same time as you wash your clothes. But hang on a second, can’t we do that already? I often flick on the washing machine and hop on my turbo trainer or head out for a bike ride when the weather plays ball.

The pedalling motion causes the drum of the washing machine to rotate at the same time, the superfluous electricity can then be used to power the display or be saved for its next use.

While it is an interesting idea, we are not sold on the fact that this will become a product you see on the shelves of your local Currys. For starters, your clothes will only be cleaned when you have a couple of hours to set aside for a training session and secondly we are a little sceptical about how effective our pedal power would be at tackling particularly pesky stains.

It would seem though that these students are not the first to think that this kind of invention would be a hit. One man from Sheffield constructed a slightly more basic version of the Bike Washing Machine back in 2011 which allowed you to wash your clothes while out on the bike.

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