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Um... so this is possibly the coolest thing we've ever seen. Hill Climb Girl tells the story of a Japanese teenager who loves cycling. The anime was created by Studio Khara and Dwango (full credits here).

The story centres around her competing against a friend to climb the hill to school every day. She keeps on losing until, one day, she gets some help from the great Bradley Wiggins himself.

Sure, it's totally cheesy and wonderfully naff, but this short film is worth watching just for the INSANE detail on show: the kids are wearing Rapha messengers and the Pinarellos are drawn to perfection. And for that, we're willing to forgive a couple of short skirt moments (it is an anime, unfortunately).

The action starts around the 50 second mark in the video below...

EDIT: The video has been taken off Youtube but you can still find it HERE.

For further info about the cartoon, including story boards and character artwork, click this link and make sure to turn the page to English (the 'EN' is in the top right corner). Or just check out the little gallery we've put together below... we're thinking desktop backgrounds all round.