Earlier this year, Canyon//SRAM racing teamed up with Zwift to host yet another tight battle for a professional contract. Inviting women to take part from all over the world, a winner has finally been announced and here she is...

With 2,100 women entering, each participant endured four months of testing, training and tasks to complete in order to make the final cut. Heading into 2018, the Canyon//SRAM race team will be joined by Tanja Erath, a former nurse and triathlete.


“It’s been such a journey and I’m humbled by the talent I’ve been up against... I’m so overwhelmed!" - Tanja Erath

For anyone, this may be a daunting prospect, but fortunately for Tanja, she'll have the Zwift Academy 2016 winner, Leah Thorvilson to help ease her transition into the big leagues.