A Kangaroo was caught on camera almost bounding into a cyclist at 70kph.

The rider narrowly escaped being hit, and caught the almost-accident thanks to his Cycliq gadget - an integrated camera and rear light.

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Cyclist Tony was riding along Brindabella Road, West of Canberra, in Australia when the incident took place. He was unharmed, though his rear wheel and tyre were damaged.

He explained: “Last Sunday, I was riding down a steep hill at 70 kph when a large Kangaroo jumped out of the surrounding bush, I just had enough time to swerve a bit and the Kangaroo hit my left arm and the rear of my bike, somehow I managed to stay upright even though I had damage to the rear wheel and tire. “

No animals were harmed in the accident, as far as we know, and the Kangaroo is still at large in the wild. It's not the only incident of this kind - recently we reported on an incident between a female rider and a kangaroo where the woman's breast implants saved her from serious injury.

See the video below....