Let's face it, we just can't bear to be without our bikes for long periods of time, which is why many of us choose to them on holiday to far off destinations for wild and relaxing adventures.

After a year of action sports and travelling, Jenny Tröber came home with the plan to develop a platform where women can find their own adventures. Having experienced the invaluable benefits of venturing out of her comfort zone, Jenny decided she wanted to encourage more women to do the same, and so, Boundless Betty was born.


The main function of the site is to act as a booking platform where tour operators can showcase their outdoor adventure trips or retreats to an active and primarily female audience. Visitors can then search for through a wide variety of exciting adventures to find the perfect one to suit their inner explorer. When you've found the perfect trip, you can add it to your wishlist, or go ahead and make a full booking online through a secure payment service.

The tour operators associated with Boundless Betty have been carefully selected by seeking out passionate independent operators covering a number of different sports, in a range of incredible places and all offering unique and real experience suitable for women, and men, of course.


While Boundless Betty is geared towards women, many of the tours are for mixed genders with a few female specific trips throughout. This way you can find an adventure for a girl's trip, an adventure with your partner, or even just a solo trip of self-discovery.

In addition to the booking platform, Boundless Betty will also offer a blog featuring travel advice, inspirational women's stories, independent gear and trip reviews, packing lists so you know exactly what to prepare for and expect before you embark on your journey.

Hiking, surfing, snow sports and of course, cycling, Boundless Betty has a wide offering of trips around the world just waiting to be explored. For more information, head over to the Boundless Betty website here.

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