There's always been a concern over the safety of certain bicycle lanes, and while some cities get it spot on for function and safety, some places are still trying to catch up with the booming number of cyclists.

In time for the global bike to work day, an avid cyclist, Jeff Leary took it upon himself to further protect the cycle lane from strafing cars by lining the divide with plungers. These aren't just ordinary plungers either, vigilante cyclist Leary went so far as to add reflective tape to the top.


72 toilet plungers were glued to the cycle lane on Fountain Street in Providence, Rhode Island. The reason behind this act is owing to driver's failing to get accustomed to the recently opened bicycle lane, causing potential danger.

What's pretty wonderful is that Providence department of transport is keeping the plungers in place... “The plunger installation is a creative way to draw attention to an important issue," said Elorza spokesperson Emily Crowell. “The City won’t remove them unless they impede traffic on the street."