Speaking at the launch of stages 3 and 5 of the Women’s Tour in Clacton today, Trott reiterated how important the event is: “The event is what all the girls are talking about, and have been for some time. Getting a race like this in Britain is just huge," said Trott.

The event is not only important due to the calibre of competitors but it also holds significance for women’s sport in general. “Every single team wants to compete her in the Women’s Tour. It is on par with the men’s race, we are being treated the same and the prize money is the same – and that is the first time this has happened," Trott continued.

Trott is hoping that the atmosphere will rival that of London 2012 and urges people to get out and spectate what we hope will be one of the highlights of the women’s cycling season.

There will be 11 of the world’s top 14 professional women’s teams racing at the event in May with the star studded field assembling in Oundle for the opening stage on Wednesday 7 May.