i parked in a bike lane stickers ed

Is there anything more irritating than a car parked in a bike lane which forces you to swerve out into the main flow of traffic? To us it really defeats the purpose of the bike lane in the first place.

[related_articles]So when we saw this initiative which has been undertaken by cyclists in Toronto, it caught our eye. Aggrieved cyclists have started sticking large green stickers (that we imagine might be quite tricky to remove) to those cars parked in bike lanes.

The bright green badges of disapproval simply say ‘I parked in a bike lane’ as a way to publicly shame the vehicles for disregarding the needs of those on two wheels.

Do you think this is something that might take off in the UK? We think at the very least the hassle of removing the stickers might make the offenders think twice about parking there again!

Fancy joining the movement? You can order stickers from the 'I parked in a bike lane' website.