cycle powered cinema pedal bikes to for africa whitton london

We love cycle-powered cinemas. Not only are they fantastically hilarious (seriously, people panting and simultaneously being terrified by a tense movie is great), they are also eco-friendly, community-fostering and, of course, they have the ability to be utilised for the benefit of those in need.

That's why if you're based in London and have no good reason not to get yourself down to this Action Bikes event on Friday December 19th, you should go and get pedalling. Even if you're not interested in any other benefits – just think of it as a gigantic, communal turbo trainer session.

You can now buy tickets for the event in St. Philip & St. James Church in Whitton for a mere £5. It's in support of the Re~Cycle Bikes to Africa project – a brilliant initiative.

The films? The truly magical Wizard of Oz and classic comedy Harvey. There will also be free popcorn for those who turn up in fancy dress!

Click here for more information, or join the Facebook event here.