Back in March 2013, British Cycling set themselves a new objective; to get an additional 1 million women cycling regularly in the UK by 2020. The latest figures suggest they are well on their way to smashing this target.

Newly appointed Cheif Executive, Julie Harrington, released an update regarding the progress that British Cycling has made so far... "Four years on, I am pleased to say that the sport is in a different place... Our perseverance across all areas - from encouraging clubs to offer women-only sessions to training 70% more female coaches - is paying off."


"This isn't something we can tackle alone - we'll need the support of sports bodies, cycling and transport organisations, national and local government, and the media. But we are determined to crack it." - Julie Harrington, Cheif Executive of British Cycling

There have been a staggering 723,000 women take up cycling since the initiative launched in 2013, but that's not all there is to celebrate:

British Cycling's Go-Race sessions

  • More than 150,000 female attendances at Breeze Bike rides, British Cycling's female-only rides programme
  • Almost 500 clubs across the country now offer women-only sessions
  • Number of trained female coaches is up 70%
  • Female race licence holders is up 72%
  • British Cycling's female membership has doubled
  • Three women now sit on British Cycling's Board of Directors