If you're thinking that there isn't enough literature out there that entertains the notion of a bicycle utopia where women rule the world, then you're right. Fear not though, a new Kickstarter campaign is on a feminist crusade to change that.

Elly Blue Publishing in the US have launched a crowd-funding project to get their collection of short stories published. Brilliantly titled Biketopia: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories, this anthology features 11 short stories to feed your imagination.


With some thought-provoking and entertaining plots, you'll find yourself taking sides and becoming additively invested in feminist views in the realm of science fiction:

  • When your health is closely monitored during a pregnancy, who gets to decide if bicycling is healthy or dangerous for your unborn child?
  • How do you survive the day to day in a community where you have zero freedoms, including freedom of movement?
  • When your agrarian society relies on bikes and now you're at war with the city where the factory is, how do you replace your broken spoke?
  • Is the sexy stranger who rode into your desolate desert oasis a man or a woman, or does it even matter?

Pledging $10 will secure you a copy once published, and by pledging more, you can collect yourself additional biker babe novels and short stories to keep you going through vacations and down time.

Show your support, make a pledge and find out more information from Elly Blue's Kickstarter page here.

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