You meet a nice guy on a night out and invite him back to your place after. You may expect breakfast in the morning, not your possessions stolen and his soiled pants on the floor...

After a party last week, a young woman took 35 year old, Gary Kirkham back to her place in Clayton, Stoke-on-Trent - the Daily Star reports.

When she woke up in the morning, she found that Kirkham had stolen two phones, and a camera. He also stole a bike from another house, and dangerously cycled down the M6 to get home.

Everything you need to know about bike theft

The not-so-suave Casanova made a a bungling error when the victim found his pants and shirt left on her bedroom floor. Police were called in to file a report, and with some forensic DNA analysis, Gary Kirkham was identified.


It wasn't just his new acquaintance that Kirkham stole from, though. He went on to commit another theft in an effort to get away from the scene quickly. One even closer to our hearts.

A man had reported a mountain bike stolen (perhaps not the fastest get away vehicle for cycling down the motorway). This theft had been made in Butterton, near Leek, also in Staffordshire. Police found damage to an adjacent hedge as well as the original victim's camera close to the scene - creating a clear link between the two thefts.

Once police had caught Kirkham, it was uncovered that he used the bike as a getaway vehicle to cycle down the M6.

Kirkham admitted to both charges of theft at North Staffordshire Justice Centre and he has been sentenced to two weeks in prison, for each offence. He also told police that he had sold each phone for just £5.

With his shirt and pants left at the scene, we can't help but wonder what Gary wore to cycle down the M6.

Keep those bikes locked up!