The road cycling social media site, Wheelsuckers, launched its annual poll to find the best cycling café in the UK, and the results are in.

What makes a great cycling café?

We love having a mid-ride pit stop to refuel the legs and hydrate, it's almost just as refreshing as the post-ride cuppa. But where's the best place to go?


From 41 nominated establishments, and 1700 votes, the results were in for the best cycling café in the UK. Here's the winners:

  1. Bike Beans Cycle Café (Surrey)
  2. Pedalling Squares (Newcastle Upon Tyne)
  3. Expresso Library (Cambridgeshire)

The Bike Beans Cycle Café has is all, a friendly social atmosphere, club rides, repairs and of course... a great selection of food and drinks, perfect for essential re-fuelling.

The owner and founder of Bike Beans Cycle Café spoke about the win: “We are really excited about achieving the top-slot in the favourite cycling-café poll; the support we've had from our customers and fans just typifies the Bike Beans community and what we are all about. We’ve made huge efforts over the past 4-years to create an informal social-hub for cyclists that brings together the best of cycling and café culture - this award proves we’re on the right track!"

If you're cycling in the Surrey area and looking for a place to stop for a brew and meet cycle-heads like you, then check out the Bike Beans Cycle Café.

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